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Environmental Hazard Resistance Alloy Housing
Rolling screen is encased in an extruded aluminum alloy housing, which offers much more structure integrity and strength, entire housing has been anodized to prevent oxidation, rust, discoloration and erosion.

High Performance Driver Mechanism
In-housing manufactured Gear Driven electric motor significantly reduces noise and prevents shock rotation. Build-in electrical Limit Switch allows the user to set a maximum length setting for ascending and descending movement of the screen.

State of The Art Manufacturing Methods
Screen fabric is security inserted and wedged between the pincers of the pre-molded inner screen-roller and the bottom-weight-stretch bar. This manufacturing technique ensures permanent attachment with even stretching and smooth rolling of the screen fabric.

Superiority of Control Option
Wireless remote control for operation convenience. In addition to controlling screen length, it can control projectors of various makes with the "Smart" button.

Patented Slide Rail and Spring-Loaded Bracket System
Patented design and engineer Spring-Loaded Bracket System for easy placement and removal of the screen unit. Patented brackets have weight capacity of 136lbs. After securing the brackets on the most secured and supported wall position, the Patented Slide Rail System allow the screen unit mobility-left-to-right or right-to-left adjustments along the Slide Rail on the outer housing of the screen unit. The screen unit can be moved to any position on the slide rail of the outer housing. Unlike other fixed mounting system, the Slide Rail system allows the mounting brackets to be secured on the most supported wall position.

Power Source
Four-pin female connector is located on each end caps to connector to existing wall electrical outlet.

Standard Accessories

Short-Arm Hex Keys Hand Tool3-Way Switch Wall Mount Control ModuleBrackets For SlideRail System X 2

Control System Option and Accessories

Hanging BracketRF Remote Control ModuleIR Remote Control Module

1. Do not disassemble the product as this may cause electric shock or any damage.
2. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture.
3. Do not climb or prop up the installed screen that may cause the dangerous of falling.
4. If you use the beaded screen, please avoid toughing the surface of screen.